Candidasa in east Bali 

Bali as a tourist and wedding destination offer splendid interesting place for visited and also an event venue including wedding .Drive to east bali  through ida Bagus Mantra high way passing some interesting place like  Goa Lawah Temple, kusamba traditional salt maker  and see the nest of monkeys in Sanghyang ambu, one you drive sanghyang ambu suggested to decrease  your speed  due to steep road .Bofore you arriave at Candidasa you will pass manggis village and Sengkidu . At Manggis village you will find amankila resort,alila manggis  and at sengkidu you  may stay  at Nusa indah Bungalow , rama candidasa , puri bagus candi dasa .At Candidasa you may take a selfi photo with sapcious lotus pond .At Sengkidu  beach can arrange a beach wedding or garden wedding in some hotel or villa option .drive from candi dasa to further east you  stop at Virgin  Beach,the road the location bit chalenging .After  you spend your time  you may drive up to one of our heritage  building with beautiful water pond of Taman Ujung, for wedding couple  this place or Taman ujung can be used as  your post or pre wed photo  photo to the north from Taman ujung is taman Tirtha gangga .Very cool area with pristine  fresh water , once you visit tirta gangga  and there is  some water spout where you may take bath there , do not forget to bring your own  towel


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