Monkey Forest ubud

Monkey forest ubud is one of the popular places or interesting place for visitor both domestic and international tourist . Monkey forest ubud or called Mandala Suci wanara.It is inhabitted by lon tail monkey .it is very easy acces from ubud city or percisely located at  Padang Tegal ubud. Approximately  749 monkey live in this sanctuary forest and it is devided into 6 group ,start from front main temple,forest conservation,central point ,eastern group .michelin group , cemeteries group.The monkeys also grouped into ages like  63 adult male,34 Subadult male,219 adult female,29 Subadult female,167 Juveniles ( 2 – 3 years old ) 118 Juveniels 2 (1-2 year), 63 Infant old (5-12 month) dan 56 infant.The Ubud Monkey Forest covers approximately a tenth of a square kilometer approximately  10 hectarers or 27 acres.The Monkey Forest grounds have a forest conservation area, a public hall and gallery, an open stage, a canteen, a first aid center, a police post, parking and toilet facilities, and a composting facility

The Monkey Forest grounds are home to three Hindu Temple ,all temple apparently constructed around 1350

  • The Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, also known as the Main Temple, lies in the southwestern part of the park. The temple is used for worshiping the god Hyang Widhi WASA  in personification of Shiva, the Recycler
  •  Beji Temple, in the northwestern part of the park, is used for the worship of Hyang Widhi in personification of the goddess Gangga. A "Holy Spring" bathing temple, it is a place of spiritual and physical cleansing and purification prior to religious ceremonies.
  •  Prajapati Temple, located in the northeastern part of the park, is used to worship Hyang Widhi in personification of Prajapati. A cemetery adjacent to this temple receives the bodies of the deceased for temporary burial while they await a mass cremation ceremony, held once every five years

This monkey forest is recommended in your  interesting place of visit , it is can be put together in your tour package to ubud or volcanoe  or  ubud city tour

monkey forest ubud

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